Galactio V8 and V8-HD bring you the latest state of the art in future navigation technology today!!


Apart from the usual navigation features, this cutting edge product provides the following differentiated features to fit into your lifestyle:


  • Ultra fast sub-second route calculation
  • ERP calculation of route
  • ERP minimization routing technology
  • 3D ready graphics on large 5" display
  • Live Traffic information (from TRIP [see: Note 1 below])
  • Live Parking availability information [see: Note 2 below]
  • RDS-TMC cradle for LIVE data is included
  • Online live features [see: Note 3 below]
  • access your scheduled meetings
  • online favorites
  • Quick and convenient location search with iSearch
  • search with word completion
  • out-of-context/out-of-sequence searches
  • homonyms and abbreviations
  • telephone search
  • refine results according to POI categories or locations
  • Advanced parking assistance with iParking
    • Easy-select nearby carparks as destination
    • Parking rates
  • Compare multiple route options with Route Preview
  • Multi-point routing with Journey Planner
  • Passcode Lock - Protect sensitive information
  • Islamic prayer timings and alerts


Navigation Features list


  • Real junction views that provide clear guidance
  • Advanced navigation dashboard
  • Powered by fast Traffic-Aware routing engine with split-second response
  • Predictive keypad input for easy selection of destinations
  • Brand new menu structure for intuitive usability
  • Advanced lane-keeping assistance
    • Includes bus lane notifications
  • Text-to-speech
  • Custom Camera Angles with 'Drive View'
  • Dedicated voice guidance hotkey
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Last destination memory on-off switch

If you have any feedback/comment/question about the recently launched Galactio V8/V8-HD, please contact us at support@galactio.com.


1: TRIP is the Traffic Information Platform that was co-developed by LTA and QI. TRIP processes raw traffic data from LTA and provides the processed information for use in applications like navigation, mobile maps and web map applications.


2: PGS data, or Parking Guidance System data, is provided under license from LTA on the QI navigation software.


3: Synchronization is through the PC